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WePresent WiPG-2000S

The WePresent WiPG-2000S is the latest model with enhanced performance power that offers more interactive and wireless presentation features, definitely suitable for the professional business communication and creative education teaching and learning purposes.


Product FeatureProduct SpecificationDownloadsFAQ's
※ 5Ghz Band
 • Enjoy seamless multimedia wireless projection with 5Ghz Band spectrum with less interference
※ Mobile applications for iPad/iPhone and Android Pad/Phone
 • WiFi-Doc
 • MobiShow
 • BrowserSlides
 • MirrorOp Presenter
 • MirrorOP Sender for Samsung Galaxy
 • SidePad
※ Interactive functions
 • Remote desktop using USB mouse/keyboard
 • IWB support (thru standard USB HID)
 • SidePad
※ High output resolution and projection speed
 • 1920x1080 through HDMI, 1600x1200 through VGA interfaces
 • 30 FPS desktop image & audio projection (WiFi@HD; LAN@Full-HD)
 • 4-to-1 screen projection up to 30 FPS
※ Windows/Mac screen/audio projection

※ MobiShow for iPad/iPhone, Android Pad/Phone and Blackberry

※ Gigabit/ POE (Power Over Ethernet)

※ Plug & Show: launching the projection application from a USB thumb drive

※ PC-less USB media Player

※ 1-to-4 Projection

※ 4-to-1 Quadrant Screen Projection

※ Conference Control: Mediator function through the device web page

※ Support up to 128 login users

※ Security design: Session Login Code, WEP/WPA key, and GateKeeper

※ HDMI and VGA dual video interfaces
※ SNMP V3 support
 • Firmware upgrade via FTP
 • Enhance the remote SNMP manageability to higher security level
※ Wi-Fi Enterprise AP client encryption support.

※ Wi-Fi 802.1b/g/n

※ Support MSI format installation.

※ Command line execution to control the software.

※ Built in association file to avoid the duplicate and time-consuming procedure when the user wants to link in to different boxes each time.

※ Extended desktop support for both Windows and Mac.


Driver & Downloads

WePresent Client Software for Windows Download
WePresent Client Software for Mac Download
Touchscreen driver (for MultiTouch) Download
SWIPE WiPG-2000 User Manual Download

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