wePresent WiCS-2100

The wePresent WiCS-2100 is the latest model with enhanced performance power that offers more interactive and wireless presentation features, definitely suitable for the professional business communication and creative education teaching and learning purposes.


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Driver & Downloads

wePresent Client Software for Windows Download
wePresent Client Software for Mac Download
Touchscreen driver (for MultiTouch) Download

wePresent Device
Why do i get a 'WiFi busy' notification?

This notification actually means that the wePresent device needs a little extra time to handle the data transference by Wifi. The WiFi busy notification can happen when the Wifi signal is more burdened. Causes for this can be: too much distance/obstructions to WiFi receiver or wireless network, a lot of wireless activity/interference. Reducing the wePresent’s output resolution is usually the best way to reduce Wifi busyness.

Does wePresent produce HDMI and VGA signal simultaneously?

The wePresent is meant to project to a single display for which you configure the settings. However, wePresent does produces 2 output signals simultaneously. When you set the output resolution of the device, you set it for the primary display. However, when you also connect a display to the secondary output, this usually also gives a projection (depending on your display/projector), this projection may not automatically fit the screen.

Does wePresent support audio during presentations?

When wePresent is connected by HDMI it will automatically transfer audio to the display. When wePresent is connected by VGA, there is a separate audio line-out socket available on the back of the wePresent.

Can the wePresent perform as a (wireless) HD media player?

The wePresent is a presentation device. Although it is not a wireless media player, the wePresent can still play good quality video for presentational purposes. The wePresent is based on screen-capturing. It will capture and project the screen up to 30 frames per second. For watching purely video, the device can be set to Video Mode for smoother video experience.

What is the range of the wePresent WiFi signal?

The range of the WiFi signal is about 100 meters without obstructions.

Mobile Applications
Can I create a full mirror from my tablet or phone to the wePresent?

A full mirror of your tablet or phone is for now only possible with the Sender for Galaxy, and only for the WiPG-1500 WiPG-2000.

What apps are available?

With all non-Galaxy Android devices and Apple devices you can project your files (powerpoint, excel, word, pdf, jpeg) with the WiFi-Doc or MirrorOp Presenter application. With the SidePad Receiver application, you can use your tablet/phone as a remote to control all functions of the projecting source computer (Windows/Mac). Making a full mirror of your tablet possible, but then jailbreaking or rooting of your device is required, so we do not promote this! Please contact us if you want more information.

Why do the WiFi-Doc or MirrorOp Presenter application not show my presentation file correctly?

The WiFi-Doc and MirrorOp Presenter application are show: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP images. With powerpoint or PDF files, Wifi-Doc and MirrorOp Presenter will not show animations between frames or objects with complex transparency.

How does the SidePad Receiver work?

Connect your tablet/phone to the wePresent Wifi signal and then start the SidePad Receiver application. Once this is started, enable the SidePad Receiver from the projecting source computer. While the computer is projecting to the wePresent, you will now also receive your desktop image on your mobile device and thus have full control over the projecting computer.